College Security

Ensure the security of your students and faculty by hiring our college security services in Manchester

Whenever parents send their kids to college, they want to send their children to a place that provides a proactive and community-oriented approach to college security and emergency management.

At Millennium Service Solutions, we realize that faculty, staff, students and community are an institution’s most important assets. Therefore, with our security service, we make sure that we provide a safe and secure environment where diverse social, cultural and academic values are acknowledged.

Our objectives

We aim to prevent crime, maintain peace, resolve conflicts and promote good order and discipline in educational institutes by providing a fully integrated security system that ensures the safety of your campus and the people in it. We want that when people send their children to college, they have complete peace of mind regarding their safety.

Our Security Program

We have spent many years in the security industry; our professionals take up all the security and safety measures to ensure that your students and premises are free of any threat and danger.
Our security guards patrol the campus on foot to keep an eye on everything. This way, they also get to know if anything out of ordinary is happening in or near the college grounds. They are fully equipped to carry out the campus investigations, emergencies, accidents and other security issues.

Our security services are fully responsive to college needs

Although we make sure that we have covered all the aspects of your college’s security, but here are a few important services to name a few:

  • Access control
  • Parking space monitoring
  • Security guard patrol
  • CCTV surveillance service
  • Video monitoring

We would like to keep you safe. To find out more about our service, please call TEL: 0161 238 4956. You can email us at