Door Supervisor

Nightclucb Bouncers & Door Supervisors – Manchester, Stockport & Warrington

We recognise the importance of trustworthy, reliable and disciplined door supervisors to protect your venue, staff and customers. And we go the extra mile to ensure a safe and secure environment.

Our front line door supervisors have extensive experience in the security industry and the ability to critically observe a crowded environment, identify a potential trouble spot and act quickly in emergency situations. They work hand in hand with the client to eliminate risk and reduce disorder both inside and outside the venue.
Our responsibilities start at the door to ensure that the people entering the premises meet company policy and venues entry conditions.

At Millennium Security, staff are fully briefed on customer service and health & safety requirements. Our presence at each venue is dedicated to assisting customers and members of the public, deterring crime, preventing and resolving conflict, and drastically reducing risk.

All our door supervisors are fully trained and hold an SIA License. They are versatile and able to adapt to any venue, and receive ongoing training to ensure that they are up to date with all current legislation.