Hotel Cleaning

Hotel & Housekeeping Services – Manchester, Stockport & Warrington

Millennium offers an expert housekeeping service with exacting standards and excellent value for money. We provide the management resources to run your housekeeping department, and create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests and visitors whilst also supporting a productive environment for your staff.


We understand that detail is key to your Hotel’s appearance, and appreciate the importance of presentation to any professional establishment. And in the knowledge that hotel guests have extremely high expectations for the room in which they will stay, we offer a service to enable you to meet these expectations every day of the year.

We audit our own team on a daily basis to ensure our housekeeping is effective and non – disruptive, leaving each hotel rooms spotless and perfectly arranged just as you like.

Post – function cleaning

We also offer a flexible post – function cleaning service, to cater for venues where events such as wedding and other parties are held. This service has a competitive and completely transparent pricing system based upon the number of hours worked.

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